Friday, 17 November 2017

Prepping for games

I think I might be a bit odd. 

I have two games scheduled this weekend with Tears of Envy so have spent the week putting together rosters, scenarios, quick ref sheets etc. and I love it.  Is that weird?

This may tie into my love of world building more seen in roleplaying games (currently playing Numenera & Pathfinder), but the gaming prep lets me expand a bit more than "two groups of lads stand around eyeballing each other"...

In case you are interested the games planned are an Age of Sigmar Skirmish game based around relic of the World that Was in the dust choked plains of Shyish and the others is a Mutant and Death Ray Guns game were our warbands will be grubbing around in the dirt looking for artefacts!

Pictures to follow...well once we have played! Don't expect them to be good.

Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Hive Fleet Moloch: The Albino Swarm

A large part of my recent hobbying has been assemebling an army for the latest edition of 40k.  I was going to stick with my Nurgle Daemons but, well it never quite works like that, and after discovering I had managed to amass a large amount of original Tyranids (pre-1992) I decided to get them into shape for 40k.

This coincided with a new campaign with Warboss Kurgan and Viktor so finally paint touched lead and I have managed to get enough together for a "legal" army.  I also got to do my favourite acivity of digging through 40k books, codicies etc. and putting together a piece of background to give this particular swarm of all consuming insects some "character".

So, introducing  The Albino Swarm:

The Alien fails because it cannot embrace the Emperor.

“It is my opinion that one of the biggest threats posed by the Tyranid Hive Fleets are their ability to split and regroup at will, sending shards of their forces into deep space, bypassing any form of resistance and falling upon unsuspecting system far away from the traditional borders of the Imperium’s wars.

With regard to Hive Fleet Moloch, although the bulk of the Hive Fleet have now engaged Imperial forces within the Ultima Segmentum [Cross Ref Files. *Karak Prime* *Jollov System* *Forbidden - Death Spectres*], various tendrils have since spread in pursuit of other, unknown targets.
My own forces have now tracked an unusual example to the Malfactus system, a tendril I have designated “The Albino Swarm”.

Since the Hive Fleet crossed into His Most Holy Galaxy in 998.M41 the Albino Swarm has yet to make planetfall on any inhabited worlds and instead has remained in deep space. Indeed, my colleagues in the Magos Biologis Xenologis are particularly interested in the Swarm as they believe the species contained within will be closer to a “pure Tyranid” that made the initial journey across the void which had not yet consumed the bio-mass of this galaxy.

 It is unknown why, at the dawn of 111.M42, over a hundred years after first encroaching on Imperial space, the Albino Swarm has finally moved to engage Imperial and Xenos forces across the Ghoul Stars.”

-          Inquisitor Brellis, Ordos Xenos, Fort Pykman, 111.M42

My armour is contempt.

Friday, 3 November 2017

New post, new launch, new focus

So I have decided to try and relaunch this blog (on the sly) as a place to collate all my gaming and hobby stuff from the last year and now on.

I have a habit of creating very specific blogs (Tales from Shyish being the last example) that run out of steam as I complete a project or collection and then...well have nothing more to say about it!  I am terrible at recording games as I forget within 1 turn what has happened and to take photos.

Instead this time I shall just try and collate everything and all I get up to in one place.

Lets see how far this one gooes eh?

Monday, 4 September 2017

Altar of an Abandoned Sun

Still need to update the campaign log but in the meantime some excellent Shyish/Death based news & articles from the Warhammer Community and beyond:

This lad will be an instant purchase for the Host.

A campaign focused on Death? Yes please!

This article from the excellent Mengel Miniatures is a great read about doing some Nighthaunt modelling: From the Mind of Mengel: Tomb Banshee

Finally my absolute must listen at the moment is Altar of an Abandoned Sun available now at Bandcamp.  The track An Old Sad Ghost seem particularly apt for the army...

Friday, 1 September 2017

Shyish is a big place...

Well summer has truly put a spanner into the regular gaming plans but they have once again picked up and so I can catch up on the campaign updates.  I did however, manage to get in a skirmish game recently with the most excellent Tears of Envy.

We both wanted to play an Arabian Night themed games and after looking through my collection I was able to piece together a brand new warband made up of a mysterious warlock, his assassin henchman and a gaggle of Ghouls.

The warband.
We played a pair of linked scenarios set around a cursed village, deep in the sandier regions of Shyish with a troupe of Trasure Hunters trying to locate as much loot as possible while my evil do'ers attempted the same thing.

Ghouls go a-hunting.
Sadly my luck did not hold out in these games and I was beaten twice!  My warlock tried to run for it in the last game but sadly, well, the dice say it all:

"You're nicked sunshine!"

Monday, 7 August 2017

Back from exile and to the Fields of Blood

I am back from my trip down to the Big Smoke in the Realm of Metal so can finally catch up on my blogging.

The last clash that the Ordeshal Host talk part in was a skirmish around the crash site of an airship, full of plunder and currently swarming with humans and orruks...familiar foes.

A Wylliam eye view of the field

The Ogresuns and the Gilded Hand clash in the centre of the field with Lyrd Radclyiffe and Squire Percy being held at the edge.

By the time they are freed most of the blood had already been spilt between the orruks and humans

The White Lady was noticible in her absence during this battle, only stalking forward near the climax to cast arcance majicks at any foes still bearing arms.  She was unable to stop Kalyustar of the Guilded Hand from retreiving his prize from the wreckage and escaping deep into the forest...

However, something could surely be done with all these tortured souls still freshly freed of their mortal husks...

(Much more detailed accounts of this clash can be found both here and here courtesy of my excellent opponents Viktor and Warboss Kurgan.)

Friday, 21 July 2017

When the dice play along...

A real benefit of playing in a narrative gaming mindset is how the smallest in-game event can spark a whole story line or progress one already in play.

I had already established the the mysterious White Lady is fleeing deep into the Harrowmark from Nagash.  Why? So far I haven't decided but the idea of being on the run from such a powerful being really appeals to me.

During the last skirmish with Admiral Kurgan's Ogresuns I had deployed the White Lady at the foot of a Realmgate so that she could survey the battlefield and prevent the pesky Orruks from trespassing any further into "her" domain.  As the Realmgate has been modelled with Spirit Hosts spilling out it is obviously a portal to another part of Shyish...perhaps a part under the sway of Nagash?

The Lady Awaits
Once the game began he first roll I made was for the Realmgates abilities (these change every turn due to their eldritch nature!) and promptly rolled a double on the two dice.  Game-wise this translates to anyone stood nearby taking a few Mortal Wounds but narrative wise this means a huge blast of energy had spilt out of the Gate and caught the White Lady in it. Immediately this sparked a story line idea; what if the White Lady had been at the gate to seal it from Nagash and his minions but at the very last moment the distraction caused by the arrival of the Orruk warband to the field had meant the binding ritual failed and Nagash had managed one last attempt to reach the White Lady before the gate closed for good.
Orruks on the horizon.
The battle itself was a short, sharp affair which is detailed here.  For the White Lady and her followers the consequences are clear however; The Great Necromancer now knows where she is...and no-one escapes Death...